Numbers, numbers, numbers! Whether it’s social media followers, BMIs, friends, or financial gains as a business, we can’t deny that nowadays society is quite fixated with measurements to define success. The validation these numbers provide, however, doesn’t always add up with what we want to determine in the first place.

More followers doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living a popular life, filled with genuine people who care about you. As we all know, social media is quite good at curating and falsely portraying happiness.

A low body scale doesn’t always correspond to a fit physique- your healthy weight depends on various variables like genetics, lean muscle, metabolism, and your menstruation cycle.

The numbers you have achieved as a business definitely don’t tell the full story either, simply a part of it, often not the most important one. But how can you get the bigger picture as to how those results came to life and what resources led you to specific gains?

NTM (numbers-time-money), our own implemented philosophy.

Calculating the time and money that went into the desired outcome, and understanding conversion rates are the basis to putting numbers into context.

There lies the importance in the journey and cost it took you to get to a result.

Think about ROI and how it drives more actionable and conductive insights. By knowing how efficient investment is with its generated profit, you get to make constructive decisions and determine what is more crucial to your business.

How we correlate NTM within Dataplayer.

An example as to how we implement our philosophy into actual visual data is the “Hours of Visits and Appointments” graph. The 3-dimensional NTM bubbles positions’ are determined by the range of hours spent during an appointment (as a horizontal axis) and the number of appointments (as a vertical axis). As for the third component, the radius, it correlates to the number of patients.

The growth in the size of a bubble can deliver a lot of information. For instance, it displays a behavioral pattern for patients. Most of them tend to make just a single appointment that lasts approximately one hour.

These clues give key insights into a better understanding of a typical performance as all circles concentrated higher and to the left show more loyal customers thereby, giving you an overall view of how certain outputs were achieved and if the effort put into it justifies the result.

Seeing the bigger picture is always a challenge in various aspects. That’s why dataplayer offers a simple way to use your data to its full potential while making sense of it all.