5 struggles a startup faces while trying to advertise

Trying to build a big enterprise from a startup is a dream that requires restless efforts, spot on decisions, calculated investment and continuous advertising. Ensuring people know your potential and understand what you have to offer, is where the challenge begins. So investing smart, hard and right is the way to go. Exposing your product and receiving feedback is where Startups should focus, although there are some challenges you may find. Nothing to worry, you don’t need to do some extraordinary thing. Observe and learn is the keyword of your advertising start. Here are some bits of advice that can help you turn your challenges into opportunities.

Exposing your product and receiving feedback is where Startups should focus, although there are some challenges you may find.

1. Deciding THE Strategy

Having done that, half of the work is done. Knowing the goal you need to reach, the channel where you want to deliver your message, what you want to convey and what kind of relationship you want to create with your clients. Conduct advertising research about the product, about customer needs, customer journey and competitors so you can have the big picture. You have an idea about the growth you want to have, but you can’t put an exact goal since you lack historical data to approach your campaign. Practically you create a plan from zero trying to be as accurate as possible and motivate your team towards growth. Even so don’t be afraid to have ambitions and put high targets and aim to reach them. Make your team part of your strategy, inspire them to feel the excitement and share the same dream as you. Connect their people with their strategy is what successful enterprises do. Learn from them and don’t be afraid to fail. Fail fast and learn faster.

2. Create THE Content

You feel motivated and optimistic about the extraordinary thing you are creating. The journey is clear in your head: you know why you started it, what you believed in and what’s the difference you wish to make. People need to know your potential, to read in many channels in different ways about you and this means a lot of content is required.Creative writing skills are needed or if you lack them you should find someone who can do this better for you, and cares for it. The first requires skills and the second a budget, which probably you are trying to keep in control. Since we were short in time we chose the second option, but to make someone see through your vision and create content for it is a challenge itself.I would suggest you to make a quick evaluation before choosing your option. If you go for the first option many online resources can help with advices and make it easier for you. If you know that writing is not exactly your thing it’s more productive if you just delegate it to someone and do what you do best.

3. Create your web pages and Increase website conversion rate

Content is essential, but design and creativity of the page where you put your content has the same importance to make people read your content. Webpage’s design must be attractive and especially to match your vision, how you want people to know and remember you. Probably a designer is going to be a must if you want to create a visually appealing website. You need to be attentive because you and your designer use slightly different terminology and you may have divergent views on the importance of certain choices. Choose carefully your designer, be sure he understands your story and what you intend. Give instructions, but don’t kill the designers creativity. If you are limited in budget and can’t afford there are many online apps that can help you to start and then search for affordable web designers. The design is important, but not as much as creating a great website navigation. There is no point of creating a brilliant website if the website navigation is not simple and consistent. Navigation should be structured, intuitive, continuous and simple. The conversion rate is influenced by the website navigation. Increase your website’s conversion rate by using and experimenting with some different call to actions. This small element is more crucial than it seems. Play with your websites layout, content and style and analyse the impact of every change until you find what fits the best.

4. Social Media

The Website gives you the presence, helps to be found when people search you. Apart from it, you need to reach your target audience and today every audience is in social media, of course in different channels. Social media will help you create the personality of your business and bring benefits more than is estimated. Customer loyalty is very much related to the personality your enterprise creates on social. Try to be consistent in the design. Consistency is one of the pillars of the brand you want to be known for. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, which are unavoidable, but try to learn fast from them. Keep it simple and let your target customers see your real potential and make the real connection with your brand.

5. Budget

Yes, you saw this coming: the struggle of the budget and trying to keep everything in control. At this moment you need to invest in everything but you are limited. You have amazing ideas, an excellent team but your concern is to be extremely careful with the budget and advertising itself calls budget big amounts. You need to watch carefully every step and keep in mind your top goals. During the beginning, you may try to choose those channels and solutions that you can afford. Go for a lot of free online apps and pages starting step by step to increase the budget used. For sure you are going to make a lot of compromises and decisions but the best thing is you are going to learn very much and what you learn at this moment becomes your best business consultant in the future. Gaining experience and knowledge is something you wouldn’t do if you stop yourself at researches, strategies and plans. Plans and strategies are always more interesting and alluring than reality is. Remember putting an action plan on your dream is the bridge you need to cross to become that successful version of you.Do you agree? Let us know what you would do differently.

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