How data analytics helped the Foot Company grow their Clinic Group

Managing a practice takes great effort to offer quality services, maintain customer satisfaction, and grow the business. That becomes challenging if you have multiple clinics in different locations, which introduces the need for central systems. We learned more about this as we were working closely with The Foot Company to provide them with one dashboard with all the data, information, and KPIs they needed to track to streamline processes and accelerate growth.

The Foot Company is a group of 11 clinics (and growing) around the UK offering a range of podiatry services such as Podiatry treatment, Biomechanical assessment, Swift Verrucae Treatment, Shockwave Therapy, Nail Surgery, etc. They also have retail products to help facilitate their treatment plans. Using Cliniko, they manage their practice appointments and services.

Data was important for them to make informed decisions for their business, tackle any issues arising, or strengthen their practitioners’ good performance. They had tried other software and spent lots of time analysing the data and KPIs.

It was very time-consuming pulling out data from Cliniko and putting it into spreadsheets to understand the KPIs and compare figures/metrics. Dataplayer has enabled us to quickly run comparative reports either as a group of clinics or individually, even by practitioners. It gave us a greater understanding of the KPIs and allowed us to use the data in a constructive way to push the business forward and save lots of time in the process.

Andrew Mayo, Director at The Foot Company

Through Dataplayer reports, it becomes easier to look at patient retention, patient reactivation, or clinician utilisation rates. You can analyse the appointment and revenue figures for different appointment types or products. The system is efficient if you want to give your practitioners access to view their data or give your front desk team a list of clients with no future bookings whom they can reach out to reactivate.

We thank Andrew and Ben for their trust in Dataplayer, and we are excited to welcome more clinics in their data empowerment journey!

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