Is your business struggling with the burnout syndrome?

Have you ever experienced a lack of energy to be consistently productive? Or even absence in satisfaction when it comes to work-related achievements? Add a hint of physical and mental exhaustion for an extended amount of time and you get the perfect recipe for

Burnout –   the response to stressful job conditions.

Everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to a professional environment, especially in quality performance.

However, the subject of hazards that this phenomenon brings to a business can be way more impactful than people think.

According to Gallup, 67% of employees say they are sometimes, very often or always burned out at work.

Those who very often or always experience burnout are:

63% more likely to take a sick day.

23% more likely to visit the emergency room.

2.6 times as likely to leave their employer.

Needless to say, any enterprise might have endured these consequences in one instance or another.

But what are some specific symptoms to look out for? And most importantly, what actions can a managerial team take in order to prevent this occurrence?

Preferably, the workplace should be an empowering and engaging environment for every worker, in order for them to perform in maximum capacity.

More than often, realistically that is not the case.

People experience hardships and challenges on a daily basis. There are a lot of factors that can contribute in one losing motivation, thereby affecting any organization.

Some of them come as an immediate response to lack of communication, unfair treatment, or overloading tasks, that can be unmanageable for any individual.

They may simultaneously affect the productivity of an employee in different areas, like:

Ability to perform at high-quality levels, poor customer service, lacking a sense of originality and creativity when coming up with innovative solutions for your business, and much more.

But what if it’s a personal issue and the management has nothing to do with it?

Communication and good company culture are pivotal for a healthy business.

Talk to your employees. What internal or external circumstances are driving them towards a lack of efficiency? Is it something that can be easily fixable, resulting in a prompt solution?

Mental stability and job satisfaction are needed variables when it comes to creating genuine relationships within your business.

However, tools are definitely needed when you are supervising your employees’ performance.

As a company we have witnessed the struggles burnout can cause to a well functioning team. At the end of the day we are all human, facing complex, yet similar difficulties.

In light of hopefully decreasing this phenomenon, Dataplayer offered its own contribution to the mix.

With our tooltips, diagrams and storytellers- you can easily oversee how your workers are progressing. Any change in their behavioural or performance pattern is instantly detectable through our platform. Want to see the bigger picture? Check our site for further information.

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