How to stay sustainable in conferences in 2019.

There is more CO2 in the atmosphere today than any point since the evolution of humans.

With global temperatures and sea levels rising rapidly, so should our concerns for the environmental waste being left behind.

However, they seem to take a back seat when we attend the dynamic atmosphere of conferences.

From the very first steps of flying to a convention, our carbon footprint accumulates with each later activity. Being conscious and aware of the consequences your decisions have, is crucial in implementing small but effective improvements.

Conferences are being more environmentally aware.

They are already putting rules and prohibitions into motion to ensure minimisation of carbon footprint. Exhibitors and attendees need to understand the importance of practical, reasonable gifts and materials.

Whether you are decorating a booth, or just handing out different items, you need to be cautious of your actions. There’s obviously still work to do, even when it comes to things like littering or generating waste, but we are on the right track with the measures being taken.

Dataplayer minimises its carbon footprint at Collision.

Collision is North-America’s fastest growing tech conference, bringing together people that share the same enthusiasm and love for the industry.

With ethically sourced promotional products, Dataplayer is really thrilled to be part of the event!

Besides our tote bags, we share the philosophy of nurturing, growing and love for mother nature with these products in our stand:

  • Herb Seed Paper Shape Pack

Each package includes three NON-GMO seed paper leaf shapes.

  • Flower Power Seed Paper Sprouter Kit

The kits have everything you need to plant and grow wildflowers, packaged uniquelly.

Since we wanted our handouts to be both eco-friendly and offer an experience, these seemed like the perfect fit. They symbolise growth and prosperity, correlating well with our core principle of growing businesses.

Harvesting sustainable relationships.

In a face-paced event, filled with entertainment, attractive content, impressive personalities, it is quite hard sometimes to take the time to invest in real, genuine conversations.

Obviously, networking is a pivotal part of any conference. But most companies and their representatives sometimes leave behind the authenticity of building long-lasting relationships. A lot of attendees are there to promote a product, idea, or further strengthen their brand. And that’s not necessarily all bad. Marketing and advertising are part of the journey.

However, let’s not forget the importance of longevity, when it comes to our environment, relationships, and an overall impact.

Let’s make a difference and spread the right messages, setting an example for future generations.

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