New features you can explore on Dataplayer – December 2022

Exciting things are happening on Dataplayer, and we know the best way to let you know is to show you!

Dataplayer is your platform! We are continuously working to make the product better and add new features that bring value to your practice. Being in contact with the clinics and delivering on your customisation requests has led us to some new features we want to share with you.

  • Custom Patient Fields for Cliniko users.

If you are an allied healthcare professional using Cliniko and connected to Dataplayer, we have updates. Cliniko recently introduced Custom Patient Fields, which may include custom details and useful information for your patients. This information is now accessible in Dataplayer, which means you can create new reports using custom-field data.

  • Small Multiples Visuals. 

There is now a new visualisation feature for your reports in the dashboard. It is called small multiples and is a container of small visuals, presented side-by-side. Each copy of the visual contains one view of the data. Using small multiples is a way to get a holistic view of your business efficiently and interactively. 

  • Executive dashboard option.

Are you a group of healthcare clinics? Do you have locations on multiple sites and want to see how they are performing? If you are a Tera plan subscriber, you can now request and benefit from having an executive dashboard. This allows you to have an account and separate dashboards for each practice or location, as well as an executive dashboard to track and compare the performance of all practices. You can set metrics to measure and access the information from each practice and compare it to the group average or common business goals you may have.

You can always contact our team for more information and feedback on any new features or releases. Focus on your patient experience and let Dataplayer do the data analytics.

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