How personalised business services and solutions can distinguish you from other competitors

When it comes to business, nothing is ever one-size-fits-all. Your ethos, your team, your goals, and of course your customers are all unique, but what about your business services and solutions?

It is all very well and good to pay individual attention to all of the above aspects of running your business, but unless you are offering custom business services to your clients that reflect their individual needs, you might be struggling to stand out from your competitors.

Saying you have the best service or are so much better than your competitors is not enough to influence clients to work for you, rather you need to have a clear statement of how and why, and this should extend through all of your services and business processes.

Personalised products

In the case of dataplayer, our product is the same at the core and fundamental level, but how it can adapt to the personalised requirements of each customer is fluid. Small start up? Fully fledged multinational corporation? Somewhere in between? It doesn’t matter to us. Each client will get a dataplayer software that performs the same functions in the same way, but how it serves the needs of each client will be very different. The base product may be the same but because it is OUR product, we can help you tailor and customise it to suit not just what you need, but what you want to achieve as well.

When it comes to the products that you in turn offer your clients, a similar approach should be adopted. Don’t see all of your customers as clones of one another, instead, offer flexibility and adaptability as a standard across your product and service portfolio, and watch customer satisfaction levels soar.

Personalised service

When we talk about service, we are not just referring to delivery and customer service. Instead we are referring to the bigger picture that includes key elements such as ease of ordering, installation, and even staff training. Each enterprise that we work with is inherently different in a myriad of ways, therefore the way that we approach the service we give, needs to reflect that. Whilst we offer the same sterling level of customer service, regardless of the size and type of client we are serving, how we service their needs adapts to what they tell us they want.

Give your service the human touch- don’t stick to emails, send out members of your team to chat to clients or speak to them via video conference, but more than anything listen to your clients. Don’t just second guess what they want- let them tell you and then personalise the way you approach your working relationship, based on their ongoing feedback.

Personalised prices

Competing with your competitors is not just about beating them on prices. More importantly than this, you need to recognise that every client has a different price point and that there are always ways of meeting it. At dataplayer, we offer such a level of personalisation and customisation that we are able to meet the price expectations of customers, pretty much across the whole price scale. We utilise market segmentation to allow us to come closer to maximising our potential revenue, by offering each segment a product that is tailored to a different price point.

If you charge a client too much, or they do not have any flexibility in their price plan, you could end up losing them to a competitor. By utilising segmentation and targeting prices at what that segment can afford whilst tailoring the services accordingly, you can build longer, happier, more fruitful, and more financially lucrative relationships.

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