Save money by using Dataplayer

Our platform is made for all allied healthcare professionals, from single practitioners to big franchises. That is true financial-wise too. Our plans range from only $49 per month on the Mega plan to $99 per month on the Giga plan, which is the most preferred plan, and custom pricing for our Tera users. 

Choosing Dataplayer would save you more than $11,000 in a year. How? If we assume you or someone from your staff would need to spend only 4 hours per week analysing data and preparing reports. With an average rate, that would cost you $1000 per month or $12,000 per year. Our Giga plan costs only $951 per year, and you would save more than $11,000 (even more if you choose our Mega plan). 

Your practice will thank you for saving money while feeding it with real-time automatic data analytics and reporting, which can empower your business growth journey. 

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